Peanut's Watches

E-commerce store based on osCommerce

Testimonial by site owner Nicola Downes

We had tried several times and with several different companies to set up our own Website and each and every time we failed ~ badly ~ wasting so much time, effort and money that it felt that having our own Website would remain a pipe dream.

Then we heard about Simon and uksitebuilders from other satisfied customers ~ then WOW ~ our pipe dream became a reality.

He is a fantastic guy who has the patience of a saint, skills that I would die for and a heart of pure gold.

Within a couple of weeks it was all sorted out for us ~ any stupid question that I had was answered and suddenly there it was ~ in the flesh :-)) He also never leaves you ~ just an email or a phone call away even after all this time ~ so if you need a website ~ then look no further ~ all your prayers have been answered and his prices are out of this world ~ so go on and give him a call ~ you really will never regret it.
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