Google Merchant XML Feed Generator Updated

We have finally got around to updating our Google Merchant XML Feed Generator.

The tool used to be on our old website and allowed users to generate an XML feed for what was formerly know as Google Base.

Google changed the name of Google Base to what is now known as Google Merchant.

In addition, Google have also update the attributes to which should be included for each product to assist Joe Public in finding exactly what they want. we have therefore updated the tool to include these extra recommended attributes.

Our tool, which can be found by clicking on the button below, enables site owners who don’t use dynamic sites to store their products, to create an XML feed which can be uploaded to their Google Merchant account.

The feed is stored on our server and can be edited/revised at a later date.

What’s more, it is totally free to use.

Google Merchant XML Feed Generator

In addition to the free generator above, we also offer several services for site owners, whereby we can install various Google related scripts to auto-generate an XML data feed and upload it periodically to Google, to view comparison prices in the Google Shopping section, to generate an XML sitemap and many other Google related bespoke scripts.

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