Create a Facebook Secret Fan Page

I think we have all seen these pages on Facebook at some point.

They are the pages you visit after clicking a link that a friend has posted. When you initially view the page, there is no info displayed until you ‘Like’ the page.

The aim of these pages is to get as many fans as possible and if the content is good, the number of fans will explode (viral marketing).

So, what use is it to you?

Using an e-commerce store as an example, you could set up one of these hidden fan only pages to offer special discount codes to fans periodically.

Everyone loves a bargain after all and it is so easy to become a fan, they just click the like button.

There are many other uses for these hidden fan pages. For instance you could be a magician or artist and could use it to show off some of your new material or work or secrets of the trade. The list is endless, but obviously it has got to be content that will entice people to want to see it and become a fan to do so.

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How to create a Secret page

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Fans only section installation by UK Site Builder

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