Four Reasons to come on board with UK Site Builder!

Web Design Experience

We have been building websites, e-commerce solutions and web applications since the early days of the internet. Keeping up-to-date with the latest technologies and coding practices ensures we know what we are doing and keeping your site current. Let us use our knowledge to empower you!


After Sales Support

We believe in immediate support for our clients should something go wrong or just for advice. We dont use ticket systems that can leave you waiting days for a response. Simply pick up the phone, email us or contact us via text or messenger and your query will be dealt with promptly and efficiently.


No Jargon

We pride ourselves on being friendly and approachable. We will not baffle you with tech speak. You will not need to know any html or scripting languages. If you do come across any jargon, we are happy to help. One person will guide you through the whole process of your project from start to finish. No job is finished until you are completely happy.


Web Browser Support

Ensuring your website works in all the major web browsers and on mobile devices and tablets is a must these days. We will ensure compatibility with Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge and Opera plus many other Standards Compliant browsers. We will also ensure your website performs fast and is SEO friendly for search engine indexing.


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