Virginia Cheeseman Entomologist
September 2009

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  • Virginia

    My super ‘new’ website has been up and running for almost
    two years now  and I don’t know how I
    ever managed before. I have been working at my home business for over 25 years,
    firstly sending out paper catalogues and then with a website designed by my
    husband.  I had to be dragged kicking and
    screaming into the 21st century and now I am just so glad that I was.

    Simon is amazing, he had set up numerous websites for a
    friend of mine and my friend had been trying to get me to allow Simon to set up
    a ‘proper’ website, for probably several years. I was sure that I was fine as I
    was but having a website that is clearly laid out, accepts online payment and
    comes with a cyber friend called Simon who is always on hand to help, has been
    amazing. My profits doubled within the first year and I just cannot imagine how
    I ever coped with my old, antiquated system of taking card orders over the
    phone and keeping paper stock lists etc.

    I am useless with technology but full of good ideas and
    Simon is always happy to alter, add things or just teach me how  to use my site, to set these ideas in motion.
    He is incredibly patient when explaining things to me and has never once called
    me a moron (as my husband frequently does when showing me something on the
    computer).  In the past we had website/sever
    problems which took hours or even days to fix. Now I just contact Simon and he
    lets me know when it’s sorted!

    I cannot recommend UK Site Builder enough, the rates are excellent
    and the service is second to none.